Kangteuk pls…

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The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]

my childhood right there man

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"There was a gay parade in Sinchon recently. As I saw the rallies that were held against it, I thought, man. I’m a Christian believer and I’m not a homosexual, but I wish the issue over homosexuals would go beyond the surface. When I say this to people around me, they say, if you’re like that, your child is going to become gay. Why do they think like that when being gay isn’t some infectious disease? Anyway, because I honestly think that it’s possible that my child could be born gay, I hope that the stories of sexual minorities keep getting mentioned. Because I want my child to confidently love whomever, wherever s/he wants. In my opinion, because our society stands side-by-side, they can’t seem to stand it when somebody departs from that line. It’s not like that’s cutting in line. Ah, I think this is something that’s going to bring about hate for me. I’m not trying to attack anybody, but so many people say that my words are an attack.”

Translation credit: kim dongwan tumblr (September 2014)

This is why Dongwan is my bias in Shinhwa!!! He may have been raised in a closed-minded society but he still tries to educate himself and learn about the struggles of others. Despite being taught by his religion that homosexuality is wrong, he doesn’t close his eyes to how gay people are treated so poorly in Korea and wants them to be able to live (and love) freely <3


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Rember when everyone got mad at ryeowook



Because he he made a twitter post saying that if music shows want artists to sing live they need better sound systems.

And people thought he was scared

And then when ppl made mr remoced videos of thier mamacita comeback wook had the best voice and everyone was impressed.

Dont forget that Ryeowook can sing and he’s not scared.

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Kisumi | 2y
Permission to post given by artist
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I should probably go to sleep…


I should probably-


I should-


Fuck it.


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Since their height difference is kind of significant, I couldn’t help but picture various scenarios.

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cr: 左左_Cuacua的THJ

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